I didn't think I'd be able to remember the password to this account. I didn't even know the last time I had posted. Apparently the last time I had been on was when I sold some lolita in 2012. It's been 4 years...back then I was struggling to pay rent, buy food, go to school. So I sold a lot of lolita I was really sad to let go, but survival was somewhat important so...priorities.

Now I'm selling two things I managed to procure two years later when things improved, but am selling them again. At least now it isn't because I'm starving.

Funnily enough, I still like lolita, but it doesn't suit me anymore. Is it possible for a face to naturally become more ugly after four years? Because I'm pretty sure it happened to me. Sigh...

But now my main hobby has moved on from lolita and BJD to Kpop.

Really, blame Block B. They started this, they dragged me in. BTS finished it, they're keeping me here. I'm such trash for them. I even changed my profile picture to an account I no longer use just because. Korean music changed my life. Although, I am more upset about being born ugly these days now lol. Kpop idols are too attractive, and I'm just me. Sigh.

But I was able to see both my bias groups last year, Block B twice and BTS once. Now this year I've been BTS once already, and will see them and Block B next weekend at KCON. I'm really happy for it.

J-Hope is really, really important. SO important. His existence is so important and special. Can other people see it? How special he is? I hope so. He's confessed he's secretly sensitive and doesn't think much of himself. But he still continues to be himself, he doesn't change, and I hope more and more poeple will love him more because of it. He deserves it.

keeping this here for now



Alice and the Pirates: Beauty and the Rose Promise JSK:

My dream dress. I can't express how gorgeous this print is, but I hope it finds a great home. I can't bear to let it go, but I have to.

Price: $290 shipped in the US


BABY Lovely Sweet Room JSK:

Made from a very luxurious and heavy cotton! Shirred panel in the back. Can fit a large bust size (around 38") comfortably!

Price: $170 $140 shipped in the US!


Bodyline JSK-

An old piece! Very nice for beginner gothic lolitas! The heart pockets are real and working, and the frills on the sides are adorable. Can fit up to a 38" inch comfortably!

Price: $35 shipped in the US!


Bodyline Heart Buckle Replicas-Size 24.5cm

Bought these the week they first went on the site. Worn only a few times, in great condition. I'd really recommend a pair of these to every loli; they go with everything lol!

Price: $30 shipped in the US!


Natural orange pigtail wig:

Very natural color, very soft, full, and looks great on! The pigtails are detachable, so you can wear just the base wig, attach one for a ponytail, or two for pigtails!

Price: $30 shipped in the US

Natural blond cosworx wig:

Thick, soft, and very natural looking blond wig! Worn once. Features a nifty "skin cap" for even more of a natural look (a skin cap means that instead of seeing the fibers meshed together at the roots, they're attached to a piece that looks like a scalp. It sounds creepy, but it's really neat)

$25 shipped in the US


Bodyline Oldschool Headdress-

$12 shipped

Claires Cupcake Purse-

Zipper at the top, perfect for lolita essentials while dressed up!

Price: $8 shipped (or just $5 if purchased with any item above!)


Please let me know if you have any questions!


Hey! I just wanted to let everyone in the egl community  know that I no longer use this account as my journal. This is simply my account for lj communities~and this is the name I can be found under at the loligoth database.

I decided to create a new account simply for journal entries in my new lolita blog ^^ I will not be using this new account as my identity in any of the comms, as I'm already known under this one.

My new blog can be found here: seikoseto 


Lovely Lolita~ :3

I know I never post anymore. I use my DeviantArt for most of my musings these days. But this post is going to be entirely about me! People who know me know I never have in my life EVER obsessed over fashion. Expensive, name-brand fashion for that matter. I have always been perfectly content shopping at Ross, because I dont really care what I'm wearing. As long as its comfy, I'm good. And that still applies, but now things have ever so slightly changed. I hold fast to shunning American brands, but am opening my arms to Japanese brands. One in particular, actually. Who is this fiend? ONLY the most fabulous perveyor of gorgeous, expensive clothing that I have ever seen. The brand: BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT. What kind of clothes do they sell? Lolita. No no no, not the perverted kind. The adorable, beautiful, innocent, expensive fashion kind! Their website is: Now I've always known lolita, and liked it, but only admired it from afar. Over the past few months, however, I began to look at more and more lolita and finally decided I wanted it for myself! So what did I do? Well, fell hopelessly in love with BABY's line of course. Then I did something I never do, and never saw myself doing. I forked over 20790yen for a dress. Convert that, if you wish. But it's not hard to guess thats a lot of money. But I was more than anxious to submit that order! There are a lot of brands out there, all lovely, but BABY really has made the whole fashion worth while for me. Now, there are several different types of lolita. I'm categorized as a Gothic Lolita, as well as a Kurololi. This means I wear mostly BlackxWhite or BlackxBlack coordinates. I've always loved Gothic loli, and preferred it over any other type. In fact, I HATED sweet lolita. I couldnt understand why it was so appealing! Sweet lolita entails lots of strawberry prints, cakes, flowers, and sweets. The colors used most dominantly are pink and blue, with red and yellow being slightly more minor. To give everyone a better idea, I shall provide visuals:

An adorable sweet lolita:

Screw that, bring on the goth!

Visuals are nice, arent they? Lol, ANYWAYS, I havent gotten to the best part yet! Now Lolita, like all of my other Japanese-originated hobbies, has a HUGE world-wide community. The USA is the largest lolita community outside of Japan, but only because of our country's sheer size. Lolitas cover every corner of the Earth. Companies know this, so international expansion is only natural. Last year, BABY opened their first over-seas store in Paris, France. This isnt due to the French lolita community, but due to the fact that lolita is a fashion solely inspired by the French Rococo era. Not that you need to know the details, but it's a fact. Anyways, after that store opened, it was only a matter of time before BABY expanded to yet another country. And out of all the places in the world that they could have chosen, just where will they be breaking ground next you may ask? By my excitement, you have to know its the US. But thats only half of it. Out of the entire continental US, 48 suitable states, which do you now think they chose? ~~~~~~~~~CORRECT! California has been officially announced to be the future home of the first ever BABY US store. Not only that, the first Japanese lolita brand to EVER open a store in America. Now when you think of fashion and California, you immediately think of LA. And why not? It's the land of the posh and rich. But for once in who knows what lifetime, it will NOT be the center of the universe. In fact, not even close. BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, my holy grail of fashion, will be opening their store in San Francisco! NOT the east coast, not the mid-west, not Southern California, but right here in Northern Cali, in a city within my reach. SO. The opening has been set for sometime in Spring 09, after being pushed back already more than once. So I'm beyond excited already, and am glad I have some time to build my wardrobe and have something excellent to wear for the grand opening! I have to hold back the squees and giggles, at the thought of the so many lolitas gathering in one place. Of course, there are gathering all the time, but I don't think there will be one quite like this. And I am ecstatic at the prospect.

Don't worry, it's okay to dissaprove. I'm so used to people not really understanding my hobbies, that I'm perfectly fine with anything anyone has to say at this point. I COMPLETELY understand how this all looks to other people. But I love it, and it makes me happy, so I'm okay with what other people think :3 It honestly doesnt matter to me. I live in my own world, "beat to my own drum," as my mother actually says. In fact, I'd really like to hear your feedback! I honestly want to know what you think.


EXTRA: I *highly* recommend you see this shoot. Real lolitas in action, doing what lolitas do best! Look gorgeous, and take gorgeous pictures in gorgeous places! In this case, the Palace of Versailles!

Chu <3!
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Save the Queen's Tea!

Arrgh. I am just so excited about studying abroad @_@!! It probably wont be for another two years [after I've transferred], but stilll. It's SO hard to work with people my age who are studying abroad in the states, while I just want to see their country with my own eyes. I have another year and a half where I'm at now, then a semester at Univsersity, followed by Fall/Winter in [planning] Northern England as an exchange student. Or so I'm hoping. All God willing. Please pray that I make it! At this point, I'm willing to do just about anything for this. Studying abroad has been a dream of mine for so long, and I am prepared to throw down anything for it!
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Goodbye Fanime: Last day

Despite hopw exausted I turned out to be, I managed to get up and take a shower at 9am. I promised Mike I'd pick him up early, and I was determined to do so. But Lance and Andrew showed no signs of getting up, so I left by myself. Me and Mike headed straight for the dealers room, and I immediately bought my AC Cloud action figure. I also walked away with an awesome L shirt [which I am currently wearing]. Then I tried to find the line for the An Cafe Q+A, but it didnt seem to exist yet and none of the staff could even tell me where the conference would be. Cameron then found me and we headed back to dealers hall. I lent Mike some cash so that he could buy the FLCL cat he really wanted, it was so adorable >w< Rob soon arrived, and I separated from the group to join the then very existant line. I found Kiley and Sheng, and sat down with them in line. Jenny then arrives very upset that she couldnt snag an An Cafe magazine since they had already sold out :( But we made the best of it, and she felt better after eating some Nachos lol. We had a few hours to wait, but we made the best of it. We joked about our "men" [aka, our favorite band members] while looking through the magazines. It also turns out that we were all crushing on this asian staff member that was helping control the line. He was super cute, and eventually someone openly admitted to liking him and we were all like, "OMG us too xD!" In line, we asked about the camera rule. A staff member said that we had to keep them in our bags [yeah, heard that one before], but we asked him to double check. He did, and then told us that they werent allowed what so ever. So we got that part out of the way, and had Sheng's brother take all our cameras. After we were finally let in, we all sat down and it was announced that no flash photography was allowed. The entire auditorium screamed. Again, they had changed the rules!! This time, cameras WERE allowed, but no flash. This meant tons of fangirls were ready to kill and maim the staff. We were allowed to send out one designated member to retrieve the cameras, and so Sheng ran out for all of us. An Cafe walked in and we all did what he did best-screamed like fangirls should. The Q+A panel commenced, and omg xD The members are just all so aborable! Not just their faces, but their mannerisms. It was amazing. Some funny questions were asked, such as which anime characters the members would cosplay. Takuya said Mario, I dont remember Teruki, a fan shouted "Sailormoon!" and Miku chose that one lol xD I dont remember the others either. And Miku's a Yu-Gi-Oh fan! Could that be any more adorable!? Gah, I thought I would die. Kanon likes D.Gray Man and admitted to being a former cosplayer! Miku also accidentally said the "F" word without realizing it. When the crowed freaked out, a translator whispered in his ear and Miku also freaked out saying that he didnt mean to say it! xD Lol, it was so hilarious. The panel was soon over way too quickly, and we left. We all headed back to dealers room to grab some things before it closed, but I was out of cash. So I went down to the atm, got some money, went back up, and the dealers room was closed D: Waugh! I REALLY wanted this Kingdom Hearts Poster too. Since it was closed, I walked around til I found Mike&Cam and we tore Lance away from his anon group. I met Kiley and Jenny out front, we said good bye, and Lance, Cameron, Mike, and Andrew and us all walked back to the car. Before walked out of the convention center, Cam and I said good bye by hugging a pillar. Mike snapped a pic of course. I then walked down the two blocks to my car hugging my Cloud Action figure ;_; I'm sad it's all over, but I had a blast! Actually it's weird though..usually I'm super depressed after Fanime, but this year I'm just glad I was able to go and have so much fun. I'm happy with what I came away with, and am excited for next year! Till we meet again in 2009 Fanime!

Merchandise I adopted:
FFVII Aerith action figure
FFVII Cloud w/motorcycle action figure
FFVII AC Cloud action figure
Sweet Lolita Parasol
4 buttons
1 keychain
L T-shirt

I ish happy :3


Fanime Day 3: Sunday!

Didnt start off the best. We didnt wake up until 11:40, already over an hour behind schedule. We rushed out, I wasn't able to finish my costume, and didn't arrive until closer to 1pm. But we did get there in time for Nescaflowne, which was awesome, and Mike saw it for the first time. After that, I dropped by the ATM and we headed over to the dealers room. I didnt buy anything today, but plan to tomorrow. At 3pm, I went over to get in line for a ticket for An Cafe. I ended up getting in line behind the same girls I met at Joanns! CRAZY! We also made friends with another few girls behind us. So we were able to talk and hang out for the next 4 hours in line ^^ Not only do 2 of the girls live in Roseville, but they'll be attending the same college as well! We've all made plans to attend the Q+A together tomorrow afternoon. Early on in the line, staff told us that no photography would be allowed, so any cameras would need to be put in bags. Sounded fair enough. Then, after 4 hours, we get up to the door and they told us that NO cameras what-so-ever would be allowed and that we would need to put them away [wtf, WHERE!?] and go to the back of the line. I was so pissed off, and I refused to go the back. [for reference, the line was over 3 very big city blocks long, it was HUGE] So one of my friends' dads talked to the ppl, and were were let in. Once inside the auditorium, we set down our things and headed to the floor. Ramen and Rice began the concert with a few of my personal favorites, Sakura Kiss, the Howls Moving Castle Theme, and Ready Steady Go. It was sweet. Then, An Cafe appeared! It was madness on the floor. People were pushing, shoving, crushing, and bleh. I was okay until they pushed so hard we were thrown on the floor. A huge guy was on top of my legs, and on the torso of another girl. I tried pushing him up so that he wouldn't crush her, since he appeared too large to get up. Eventually he did, and were both helped up. I listened to the rest of the song, and then decided to have a seat with my friends. We moshed from afar, and gave Miku "heart hands." I didnt think he'd see us from so far away, but he did it back to us 8D! We all had a HUGE fangirl moment after that. I did brave the floor one more time for one of my favorite songs by then, "Escapism," but headed back up afterwards. After the concert was over I went back to the con and we watched anime until 12:30am before coming back home. Now it is definetely sleep time :3 Good Night!
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Fanime Day 2: Saturday!

This day started out SO wrong. My costume, the ones that I had spent the retire night working on, began falling apart as soon as got it on. I was irritable, tired, and stressed and that was definitely not how I wanted to start the day. On top of that, my phone died in the morning and I had no charger for it. So we swung my Cameron's, he got me one, and as soon as we arrived I headed over the Hilton lobby to charge my phone while making sewing repairs on my costume. That worked exactly the opposite to how I wanted it to. The charger didnt work, and I did have any of my sewing needles! On the verge of tears, I went over artists alley and borrowed one. I then spent the next 1+ hour n the bathroom trying desperately to make repairs. It got done, but the top would slide down a lot :P

While searching for my party, I ran into Rob. Then Mike came over! Yey. He brought Cameron with him who I then departed with. At about 3:30 I decided I couldnt stand to be in the costume any longer so I suggested to Cam that we left and so we did. We came back, changed regenerated, and headed back to the con. When we got back, we headed straight for the dealers room. I bought this parasol I had been eyeing since Friday. It is so cute :3 (its EGL!)

After browsing some more, we set out on a quest to find Lance. Cameron began to get really pissed, and even I began to fume as I realized what had been happening. Lance had been spending the entire con rallying and rip roaring for the Annons (anti-scientology) and not anything else. I had been driving him and stuff, but he spent the first 2 days with them. So Cam set him straight. I believe we headed to the arcade hall after that, and I danced Motteke to CaramellDansen xD We went back to dealers, and I bought a Cloud with Motorcycle action figure. We then headed off to Jack in the Box down the street and ate. After we came back, Cam wanted to get in line for hentai. But 3 hours ahead of time? I didnt think so. So I went to watch Shippuden with Mike and Rob. Right after that, we all went over and watched Anime Hell. It was so funny and random lol.
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Friday: First official day of Fanime!

Lance and I woke up a little late, at 9:30 (and hour and half past the planned time). But we got out around 10 or 10:30, picked up Mike and headed for the con.

We got there at 11:30, but the only thing open at that time was artists alley. After chatting with some of Lance's Annonymous ppl, we all headed over. Mike was ecstatic and both of us ended up buying buttons. He bought one that said, "Fanime con virgin" (very fitting), and I bought 3 that are "^_^"; "T_T"; and "X_X" Lance found another one of his peeps, and Mike and I eventually broke up with them. Him and I headed over to the game room and pwned at DDR. It was so funny lol, Mike kept on calling Rob and telling him how awesome everything was. We then got in line for the Dealers room, and as fate would have it, my cousin Tara was right behind us! Lol. WE got into the dealers room and Mike continued to freak out. He wasnt able to buy anything tho. However, I got away with an Aeris action figure and key chain. Then we wandered around a bit more, watched Vampire Hunter D, ate pizza at Pizza my heart (yum!) andwent back. I went to a dollfie panel for an hour, then met up with them again. We then went back to the dealers room until it closed, and left an hour later.

We went to Camerons house, played Guitar Hero and Ate, than came back. I started to work on Shino at around 10pm, and worked on it ALL NIGHT without sleeping at all. So now were getting ready to leave :3

Fanime Day Zero!

So at about 2am this morning, I finally went to bed. I got up 4 hours later, and worked on a few things. I had to work 9:30-2, so I didnt have much time to prepare things before then. The first few hours of work were fine, but that last hour lasted FOREVER 0_0 I was seriously suffering. I txted Lance about it, and he just said "too bad" :P [no sympathy]

After I got off work, I rushed to the bank to get some funds, then headed home to pack everything. Mike arrived at my house a little after 3, so we finally got on the road [after making 2 quick stops] at about 3:40; just a little behind schedule.

We arrived at the convention center around 6:30, and met up with Cameron, David, and Vih. David had actually stood in line for us, so I got to jump to the front and get my badge :3 But Lance still hadnt arrived, and no one could get a hold of him. He arrived a little before 7, so we all headed out to the theater down the street to see Indiana Jones. It was a freaky weird movie. Now I didnt expect to drive anyone but Cameron, Mike, and Lance. But there were actually two others. That meant 6 ppl, 5 seats. So Vih sat on Lance, and they all squished together in the back. That was interesting xD We all ended up going over to Cameron's house, watched a few of their vidoes on youtube, and then headed home around 12am.

Lance is currently trying on all my wigs. He just invented "Pretty Vicious" (cowboy bebop) xD Scary.